Sqatting, It’s Not A Spectator Sport

“Good things come to those that wait”???? I thought as I stared at the squat rack this morning. photo(9)

Are you kidding me!

I could sit there and just look at it and visualize squatting my weight.

Having squatted close to 200 pounds and only weighing 145 in my day, I’m good at that. The feel of the cold steel bar on my neck The wraps tightly around my knees. Feet firmly planted on the floor. All this done in a split second and as my surroundings start to fade out. Focus. Knees, check, good positioning. Lift. Step back. Head up. Lungs and chest open. One rep for a feel and off I go.

Life is not a spectator sport.

Whatever you want,absolutely, requires the vision. Most importantly, it requires action!

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