And their at the gates…..Ready Set RESET

In getting some folks set up for the big RESET Destination Challenge,  I get very excited for the changes about to enter their lives.  It’s more than the excess weight, it’s a mind set that will become fresher and more rewarding, filled with “can-do-ism”.

There are a  couple of other things get me pumped.  Dang!  Talk about being with the right company at the right time.  Here is a list of factors that you should think about when connecting with a health supporting company.

*Transparency.  With the amount of information shared and product purchased at an intern level, you should as a consumer be able to easily see ingredients.  By easily I mean a one click process.  IF you cannot, question it.

*Founder.  Who is the founder of the company?  Their back ground and track record.   I just did a product analysis for a client and although impressive with a PhD, the founder of this company had the degree in psychology.  Some companies have founders that are marketing geniuses.  Some are philanthropists.  Your looking to protect your most valuable asset, your health.  Go to the expert.

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