In heading out this morning with my small to do list I had already been contemplating "extreme". A commercial came on the radio, I don't recall what they were promoting, but the message was about art and having nature to inspire it. Painting, writing, drawing, "allow nature to inspire you" was the message. Needless to … Continue reading Osteoarthritis

Impromptu Living

A YouTube clip appeared at my inbox this morning that got me thinking, a slight mourning for the current generations. If you were raised in the 60's along with being told to "look it up in the dictionary" or knowing to come home when the street lights came on you may have also shared with … Continue reading Impromptu Living

He’s Been Polished By Life

Every once in a while something good comes along.  In this case, "someone" good comes along.  I would like to introduce you to Scott Sonnon; The Flow Coach. If your the sort that goes for facts/information and a list of accolades, you need to be sure to read through his long list.  I on the … Continue reading He’s Been Polished By Life

Get Naked

Go bare!!!! Get naked!! Ladies, shed the polish once in a while. Your body is speaking to you. Ha! And who says sex doesn't sell. I've been there! It starts as fatigue, slower recuperation, low energy, poor sleep, lacking mental clarity not to mention in ability to manage stress.  OR is stress the root of … Continue reading Get Naked