Destination – “Healed”, period. (is there such a place?)

Beautiful writings about challenges, change and moving forward…….

Finding Ann MacGregor

We all handle the various challenges we face differently.  For the most part, I believe that each of us are heroes, each setting out to Trainandstationconquer whatever challenge life has dealt us.  It’s no secret that these last few months [scratch that… years] have been sprinkled with loss.  Be it the loss of health (my mother’s dementia and sister’s cancer), the loss of a loved one, loss of life style (my marriage, and job, the fire).  There has been much that has been endured.  Changes in our own lives, be it welcomed or not, can be quite disruptive; but loss is one of those major hurdles to get over.  And to do it, you must have will and determination and strength.

To write simply about ‘change’ doesn’t seem to fit this time, nor does it seem appropriate to simply write about loss… I’ve been experiencing something very strange and much delayed. …

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