Do you ever notice how much better you feel this time of the year??? Of course it’s healthier local (meaning more nutritious) food and more sunshine.

But also: Have you ever noticed how good you feel when you’re walking barefoot on the beach at the water’s edge – or across a dew-kissed field of thick grass?

It may not be your imagination – or a coincidence that you happen to be in the great out-of-doors. There may actually be a scientific explanation behind the pleasure you’re experiencing…

When you walk barefoot, “connected” to the Earth’s energy, free electrons flow into your body and spread throughout your tissues, allowing your cells to communicate with one another. This type of “Earthing” – or grounding – helps energize the electrical fields that are so essential for many processes within your body.” – Dr.Mercola



One thought on “Earthing

  1. I work at Earthing Canada, and we sell Earthing products that allow you to take earthing to work with you and even while you sleep! We also have a great guide on “what is earthing” where we explain the history of earthing and science behind it ( Check it out!

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