Natural Cough Remedy

In my excitement and sense of achievement, I share with one of my off spring “I JUST made homemade cough syrup!”

“Hmmm, what’s in it?” she asked in typical teenager fashion.  Hmph, no zucchini I thought, as I recall when I use to make chocolate loaf and hide grated zucchini in it.  Their all on to me at this point and I just call it as it is.  Even tofu can’t get hidden as chicken anymore.

My litany of ingredients leaves her with only one thing to say……..”that’s a normal drink for you”.  God luv her……shes right.  Now don’t get me wrong I have lots of sinful pleasures, I just choose to make healthier choices.  IMG_2240

A recent sore throat for one day turned to a scratchy throat/dry cough and sniffy nose for day 2.

Years gone by the OTC remedies left me dozy and drugged feeling the morning after.  Dextromethorphan hangover.  Dilated pupils and who moved the floor feeling did not sit well with me.  Geesh, and to think, folks spend big money on feeling a buzz like that!!!!!

Onto pregnancy and Buckley’s!!!!  That experience led me to stick it out. BLECH!   On the odd occasion when a cold turns to the dry nasal drip cough, I just snuggle up with a water bottle.  Cough cough, drink drink, cough, drink…. all night long.

BaaaHA!  NOW, today, I was just given an recipe to make my own (and you can too) cough remedy.  I’m saving the full dose until about 30 min before bed but in having a little sample, it’s got kick, but not too bad.

I found ALL the ingredients in my pantry already, so no need to shop.  You can minimize (cut in half) the measurements.  And a reminder……SHOP LOCAL!IMG_2237

1/4 cup of honey
1/4 cup of Apple Cider Vinegar
1/4 tsp cayenne
1/4″     of fresh ginger root pressed
1/4      of a fresh lemon, squeezed


IMG_22381/4      tsp cinnamon

You can use as is, OR dilute it with hot water.

“Over the teeth, through the gums, watch out tummy, here it comes”

Sleep well… well.

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