Take Aways, Ahas & Integration

Upping your reading game is great. What’s more important is your “”take aways” “aha” “integration” from what you’ve read.

Pretty proud of myself for my first 2018 read…..”The Biggest Mistakes That Keep You From Living A Miraculous Flow” by Marci Shimoff and Debra Poneman.

Sure it was an ebook, sure it’s was 30 pages light-but, I started and finished it! Proud of myself for creating the discipline in sitting and focusing for the hour. Life has been a little wired and I’ve allowed things to get a tad out of control. Time to reel it in.

So, ya, pounding out 20, 30 books a year is great. Buuuut, integration in what you’ve read or experienced is where real lessons and growth happen.

I have two integrations from my recent quick read, the first one…..

Let go: I’m following the practice of releasing old in creating a void for The Universe to fill with new. “In order to allow miracles into your life you have to make space for them”.

For 9 days my space will be purged of 27 items that no longer serve me. (The letting go challenge).

Big commitment here because IF you miss a day, you have to start over.

Let’s do this!!!✊🏼

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