You Can’t Fix Everything

Day 2 The Let It Go Challenge, inspired by “The Biggest Mistakes That Keep You From Living A Miraculous Flow” by Marci Shimoff and Debra Poneman.

Let go: I’m following the practice of releasing old in creating a void for The Universe to fill with new. “In order to allow miracles into your life you have to make space for them”.

For 9 days my space will be purged of 27 items that no longer serve me. (The letting go challenge).

Big commitment here because IF you miss a day, you have to start over.

Day 3 reminds me firstly that sometimes we can’t (or don’t have to) fix everything.

Being a DIY-er and a bit of a up cycle nut, I was holding onto shovels, brooms and a broken chair left that I would fix and reuse…….one day! One day, two days, three days, one week, two weeks go by…..still unfixed!

That’s it, to the curb they went.

The rest…. why? Why do we keep empty containers in our gym bag? Pieces of jewelry, necklaces that tangle the hair on the back of my neck, earrings that turn your ears green! Out!

A plant with the nickname “mother-in-laws tongue” with its prickly long leaves, that reminds me of people from my past. Going, going, gone.

A mirror that was hanging on a wall, because there just happen to be a nail in a wall, some 10 plus years ago……someone else will appreciate it more.

2 days down, 7 to go. Already have my sights set on the next 27 “things”.

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