27 in 9 Coming Out Of The Bedroom

I’m amazed at the stuff, not necessarily, junk or garbage, but stuff in my bedroom as I am finally finished day 3 & 4.

The Let It Go Challenge, inspired by “The Biggest Mistakes That Keep You From Living A Miraculous Flow” by Marci Shimoff and Debra Poneman.

Let go: I’m following the practice of releasing old in creating a void for The Universe to fill with new. “In order to allow miracles into your life you have to make space for them”.

For 9 days my space will be purged of 27 items that no longer serve me. (The letting go challenge).

Big commitment here because IF you miss a day, you have to start over.

I’ve spent 2 days going through my bedroom night tables and can finally feel space; literally breathing space and energetic space.

There was one key thing that I cleared out on day 3. The bracelet box. Deep rich color, beautiful to the touch. It once held a gold bracelet. The bracelet was a gift after conquering a particularly hard time in life. I held it for a moment on day 3, remembered, then let it go. That’s in the past. The rest of the stuff from Day 3, simple…….don’t wear it, don’t want it……out.

Day 4 consisted of yet more stuff; broken, don’t wear it, don’t want it. Out.

My particular accomplishment Day 4 was to unsubscribe to 5 newsletters. OMG! The space I experienced from that – instantly- wowza. If you’ve been afraid or hesitant in the “unsubscribe” button, join me in 27 in 9. You will have the opportunity to really assess what you feed your mind and are granted permission to unsubscribe.

Clearly space for more extends past stuff. It can include your inbox not to mention your contact list.

For now…….day 5 takes me in the kitchen!

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