Post Leg Day Restoring

Post leg day…..the heaviness, the soreness; the signs of a good workout, growth is on it’s way.

IF…….you heed what your bodies signs are and put some strategies in place to support this process.

Everything in life has its good and bad side, the light and dark.  Just as the breathe that fills our lungs with the air we need (good side) the bad side is that with every breathe we post leg daytake, there are free radicals produced.  We’re well aware of the numerous benefits of exercise  – the good/light side.  The dark side is that exercise is tearing/breaking down muscle fibers/tissue.  The real growth happens in the restoration part of a workout.

What you eat/drink, how you rest, supplementation  will affect the results of recuperation thus the results of muscle growth, muscle quality, muscle leanness.

A part of this restoration process includes foam rolling.  Getting into the tissue to release the knots and stiffness to encourage efficient healing.

“After an intense bout of exercise, foam rolling is thought to alleviate muscle fatigue and soreness (ie, delayed-onset muscle soreness [DOMS]) and improve muscular performance. Potentially, foam rolling may be an effective therapeutic modality to reduce DOMS while enhancing the recovery of muscular performance.”

If you are curious about this restorative strategy or want to enhance what your currently doing with your roller, every Sunday we explore the body and all the secret spots to get release in tight areas using a foam roller. Book your spot
DLS Sunday




Also available, one on one foam rolling sessions .  Contact us to arrange a consultation.

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