Winter Wellness Workshops – Essential Oils

Apparently, by the time February rolls in 80% of peoples New Years Resolutions have gone by the wayside.  Does your “get healthier” goal fall into this?

Perhaps we can help you get back on track.

Winter Wellness SeriesWINTER WELLNESS WORKSHOPS designed over the period of 10 weeks, one every two weeks, to introduce you to strategies that will  improve and support your health.  Their simple enough that you can manage fitting them into your lifestyle.

The first one…..essential oils, Friday January 26th.Winter Wellness Series Oils

All it takes is a google search and you can see all the different sources to get connected with any one of numerous companies.

I’ve never been a big oil user but I do notice a difference when I put cloves, cinnamon, lemon wedge on the stove to boil in some water….mmmmm.  Calming.

“Those smell cells in the nose are linked to the limbic system – which in evolutionary terms is among the oldest parts of the brain – which governs emotions, behaviour and long-term memory. … But although the survival importance of smell has largely disappeared, its effects on the brain and body remain.”

Recently I was introduced a local oil creator, Alix of Beyond Jordan.  What started as a hobby has turned into a flourishing business.  Alix, like many entrepreneurs, started her business to “allow me to spend as much time as possible with her (daughter) while working from home.”  Her “business is like a member of my family and I treat it and the products with the same level of care.”

In addition to some bath salts, I purchased a couple of oils, one of them being “Dragons Blood” which provides me with the warmth and soothing pick me up and a beautiful softness of “Unwind”.

With SO many companies out there, it’s nice to be able to be face to face with the person that is making the blends.  I wanted to chat with Alix further and find out with many choices of oils, why Beyond Jordan.

Beyond Jordan, the Jordan River, is the Dead Sea. There are healing properties within the waters; rebirth, renewal, relaxing, restorative.  All which relate to using her essential oils.  She enjoys the personal connection with her clients, she uses Canadian suppliers in her formulas and of course you’re supporting a local business in Beyond Jordan.  Her favorite is citrus fruity blends.

Come, take home a sample gift and try Beyond Jordan……..find your favorite scent and meet your essential oil creator.

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED, location will be sent with received payment.

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