How Much Is A Little Girl worth……..Priceless

You stand on the podium with them and now although it seems like it’s over, it’s really the beginning-wounds opened-healing begins.

Our sport for 20 years, what started as an outlet for a bouncy jumpy two year old.

I’ve often wondered “what if”…….we had no gym.

“How much is a little girl worth?” Spoken by Ms. Denhollander (abused young gymnast grown up lawyer) really has me thinking this morning, opening wounds.

The behind the doors lives, of an abusive relationship. Subtle actions or words that should have been stopped years ago.  If you were to ask him (the ex, the father) “how much a little girl is worth” his answer, well, I don’t know, he often grumped “I wish I had/ you were boys”.

Achy knees, painful backs, arthritic ankles.  Just as your callused ripped apart hands have healed so will your heart and spirit.

Come together gymnasts of the world,
you’re on one team now.
Support each other.
You are loved,
you are not alone.

How much is a little girl worth……..Priceless.

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