5 Tibetan Rites ~ For Those That Don’t Like Exercise

I discovered this week, for times when you can't just sit for meditation or mindfulness, there's....the 5 Tibetan Rites. Their a system of exercise, well, let's call it movement, that is estimated to being 2,500 years old. Some say it's the fountain of youth. Personally, I took a liking to the rites because of the … Continue reading 5 Tibetan Rites ~ For Those That Don’t Like Exercise

27 in 9 Wrapped Up

  In cleaning out my pictures on my phone, I realized that I completed 27 in 9, The Let It Go Challenge and "forgot" to share the wrapping up last 5 days. Well, I didn't completely forget but got busy in letting go. Some big things in my life started to appear that took a … Continue reading 27 in 9 Wrapped Up

Foam Rolling How Tos & Videos

  *Three mistakes with using a foam roller. *What it is and isn't:  In sharing some how tos on foam rolling, much of what you know about it is contrary to what it actually is.  It isn't a workout; yes it can be uncomfortable and painful in the beginning, no it doesn't take a lot … Continue reading Foam Rolling How Tos & Videos