27 in 9 Wrapped Up


Image result for let it go challengeIn cleaning out my pictures on my phone, I realized that I completed 27 in 9, The Let It Go Challenge and “forgot” to share the wrapping up last 5 days.

Well, I didn’t completely forget but got busy in letting go. Some big things in my life started to appear that took a lot of head and emotional space – yep, letting go can be hard.

At first it’s just “stuff”, then it becomes beliefs. I started to notice areas of my life that I resistantly or “just how it is or the way it’s always been”, subconsciously held onto.  Nudges, pulls, kicking and screaming, fighting, resistance……when all we all really want is to be happy, at peace.

The Let It Go Challenge, inspired by “The Biggest Mistakes That Keep You From Living A Miraculous Flow” by Marci Shimoff and Debra Poneman.
Let go: I followed the practice of releasing old in creating a void for The Universe to fill with new. “In order to allow miracles into your life you have to make space for them”.
For 9 days my space was purged of 27 items that no longer serve me. (The letting go challenge).
                Big commitment here because IF you miss a day, you have to start over.

Anyhow, did damn good in the stuff area.

Day 5 was a lot of head scratching and self talk as to WHY I had this or that! Out it goes.

Day 6 as well brought about a lot of head scratching and self talk as to what and why I had “this”.

Another thing I noticed on Day 6 was a bit of hoarding or scarcity thinking. In making my morning smoothie I reached from some frozen strawberries, then I stopped. I didn’t want to use them up. We had hand picked them during the summer, it was a fun day……as I started to remembered. We always have fun strawberry picking. I remembered the laughter, the warm sun, the straw sticking to my knees as I got up to move further down the lane and of course the sweet juicy flavour. It wasn’t until my frozen hand in the strawberry bag woke me from my daydream that I remembered we still have two bags full! I grabbed a handful for my smoothie AND a couple handfuls (along with some wild berries) to fill a bowl to snack on during the week.

Day 7 I was still in the kitchen clearing out. Water bottles! Us,me, don’t use, ahhh memories with a couple…..then, gone!

Day 8 STILL in the most used space in our home – the kitchen. At this point it’s soooooooo much easier identifying what we don’t need, don’t want……gone, gone, gone.

Annnnd wrapping up Day 9, a lot fun. Together with my daughters we finally got to the sweater closet. We were suffering from what we call “beige sweater syndrome”. You know your out shopping and you spot a really nice beige (or grey or black) sweater. Try it on, you love it, you buy it. ONLY to get home and realize you love it so much that you have one similar already but you didn’t know because the pile is so big. Times that, by three!!!! We systematically piled the sweaters in color coordinated piles and voted. 2 against 1 and it was gone. This let it go day was probably the most rewarding!

So, now, I’m done, I suppose completely with getting the pictures off my phone and the to-do that’s been in my head.

These sort of challenges engage muscles within us. Just like you don’t go to the gym once and call it working out, you participate and complete something like this and you start to see the strength you have in other areas to………let it go!

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