One Cup Of Sugar

……or a tablespoon of berbere spice.

Facebook post, I got tagged, Ethiopian stew, yum, checked all the boxes-meatless, had all the ingredients, except berbere spice, what’s that?

I’m Italian, I know garlic, basil, oregano- plus a few others.

Try here, nope, not here, or there or there. Finally found it, duh, of course at an Ethiopian restaurant. In only having a tub size available, I was tired of running around and wanted to get going on this recipe – you know one of those “gotta try it” then never do things.

Stew is simmering, made a double batch, looks beeeeeautiful, smells mmmm, sneaking a taste – yum.

Now what to do with a tub of spice, I put out a call to my community, pass it along, one tablespoon at a time.

I remember, do you, calling a neighbour “for a cup of sugar”.

I remember, a bake-a-thon morning as a teenager, making lots, muffins, cookies, etc, cream of tartar, had none, needed it, called a neighbour, asked for one cup, lol, she was surprised, all you needed was half a teaspoon!

Remembering, one cup of sugar, neighbours, neighbourhoods -good things.

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