Get Your Issues Out Of Your Tissues

Over the years often I’ve reached for Louise Hays “Heal Your Body”.

“This little book doesn’t “heal” anyone, but it does awaken within you the ability to contribute to your healing process”.

When the mind, body and spirit are balance , life can bring new levels of joy and peace.

My experience and studies of the fascia and it’s interconnection within the body continues to grow and be amazed with the ability that we have in choosing to participate in our health and wellness.

Fascia, the completely from head to toe, soft tissue that not only coats our muscles but penetrates three layers deep. It connects every bone, nerve, and organ. It’s hyper sensitive. Fascia is one of our richest sensory organs with between 6-10 times higher quantity of sensory nerve receptors than the muscles. In fact, it is possible fascia may be equal or superior to the retina, which has so far been considered the richest human sensory organ.

So how does this tie into our emotional and mental health?

With emotional patterns locked into the fascia, are you ready to learn how to release them?

Weekly restorative foam rolling classes to guide you and teach you how to find physical and emotional relief.

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