84 Day Marathon

What came first the chicken or the egg. The good decision or exercise.

Does regular activity help us make better decisions?

First take note that I said activity rather than go to the gym, CrossFit, run 5k or cycle class or any other fad/trendy that tarnishes or brings a scowl to the value of being active. These are all fine but, the Canada Health Measures Survey (CHMS) which started in 2007 measures the physical activity habits of Canadians finds that 15% of Canadians meet the recommended 150 minutes of activity a week.

40 minutes of activity x 4 times a week = walk, gardening, heck even house cleaning. Well beyond and much more than weight management:

“Exercise improves brain functioning and slows down age related decline in cognitive abilities, such as memory and thinking skills.”

My recent decision to run in a municipal election can be compared to an 84 day marathon. As well as my commitment to my platform and my community, my commitment to myself and keeping my mind and body moving will bring productive and grounded decisions.

Perhaps in all your questions in seeking a leader you should ask what their investment is in their self care.

Regular physical activity has also been shown to improve mood, to foster creativity and innovation, and to strengthen self-esteem and leadership skills.

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