Rising To the Occasion

November 6 excerpt from Simple Abundance ~ A DAY BOOK of COMFORT and JOY
Sarah Ban Breathnach

“In real like serenity depends on coping and coping well. Rising to the occasion.
Consider the following scenarios: you have a flat tire on the way to an important business meeting. You find yourself locked out of the house. You discover that your husbands college roommate is coming for dinner in two hours. The pipes freeze. The puppy swallows and earring. Someone sick or snowed in. You’re asked to send money, switch car pool trips, show up for jury duty. one minute you’re called out of tow, the next you’re asked to step in on a moments notice to save the school bazaar.

Real life is the collision – day in and day out – of the improbable impossible. Longfellow believed that situations that call forth our coping abilities as “celestial benedictions” in dark disguises, sent not to try our souls but to enlarge them. Just as dough rises in a bowl, expanding before it becomes bread, we become larger than we ever thought possible when we rise to occasions, performing miracles with good humor and grace. Coping well enables you to see beyond the circumference of circumstance, so that the Real in the center of your daily round is not hidden by happenstance.

Most women are geniuses at rising to the occasion. But we’ve never realized how extraordinary this talent really is, because its second nature by now. We’ve never given credit where credit is due, because we’ve never given coping much thought. But if women who cope well ran everything, Nirvana wouldn’t only be the name of grunge band.

We become more adept at rising to the occasion each time we see ourseleves doing it. Everytime we cope well with whatever real life throws our way, it’s another deposit of confidence, creativity and courage in our self assteem account. So congratulate yourseld each night for handling the unexpected with finesse. Well done.

Today when you need to rise to the occasion,
do it with style.
Do it with a knowing smile.
Confound them.
Astound yourself.
Make it look easy
it will become so.

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