~Guest Post ~ My Cat

Well, not really a guest post but part of an exchange of emails from a friend. I read her email reply early one morning. In the spontaneous recall of her cat it made me smile. I hope you smile as well…………….

“It’s one of those black Hamiltonian cats!

There are the grey ones & the black ones you see here in Hamilton that are allergy-free.

I’ve been thinking of adopting one since the hit & run death of my beautiful cat two summers ago. This time she will be INDOORS only.

The neighbours loved my cat so much they would feed him & keep him inside their houses! Never again!

Once I was, I kid you not, having a video interview for a Gov’t job as storekeeper & you can’t push the stop button during the filming of the interview once it’s started, but the phone rang so I got up to answer because otherwise it would have gone into the answering machine, etc.,

thing is that I had on baggy men’s underwear that I wear as shorts, but a nice top on because it was from the waist up so when I got up, well all was revealed & filmed… Yup, I can only imagine the reactions from the people who viewed the video…I apologized profusely on camera & thought this will win them over or not… I guess not since I never got a call back…! lol!

So after the dreadful interview, I went out the street to collect my cat because that’s why she was calling me. How she got my number have no idea, but when I got to her porch with her standing there talking with a neighbour standing on the sidewalk I said ‘Hey there’s MYcat, the cat you feed, the cat you bring into your warm house…‘ Yes, she agreed she loved the cat…

It’s like sometimes I would be sitting in my yard & I could hear other neighbours calling my cat by his name to come see them………

Sometimes my cat smelled of dog because he would sleep with one neighbour’s dog.

He was just a well-loved neighborhood cat & I’m sure he was missed………

One elderly man over 80 was walking by with his daughter & I happened to be in the driveway with my cat. The old man bent over with this huge smile calling my cat & there he galloped over to him & he started petting my cat & my cat went into that ‘cat thing‘ where they are all in a little circle in that playful way they have… And these neighbors lived over one block away!!!

I think a home is not a home if you don’t have a furry ball… So I’m hoping that the woman keeps my beautiful cat until I can pick her up between Xmas & New Year’s”

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