I came across a term this morning that brought a smile to my face………. GLOW UP.   

Hmmmm, I wondered, is GLOW UP and external thing or is it something that is within?

URBAN DICTIONARY: GLOW UP  is a mental, physical, and an emotional transformation for the better. GLOW UPs can be both natural or planned. 

When I think of GLOW UP.    I think of pregnancy.  Most women when pregnant will receive comments like “you have a glow”.  Or another is when you meet THAT PERSON and are falling in love, people might comment that there is something different about you, you have a glow.  

Notice the flowers……..they have a glow, their own special glow that far exceeds the pigment of their color.  They shine, their inviting us to stare at them, admire them.  

One website claimed that” People generally begin their glow up as early as sixth grade but may not even know it.”   I would dispute that.  All one needs to do is witness the coo and smile of a well-rested young child. Maybe that’s what it is – sleep!  Sleep is the root of GLOW UP.     

Yet another website, which I do not believe for a second, is that GLOW UP is a part of grow up, it’s an age thing.  Perhaps more, that it’s a part of evolving.

Is it a hormone thing?
Is it a smile, 
a twinkle in the eye, 
an ease in your stride, 
a gentleness in your voice 
a softness in your actions?

~I will pay attention to my GLOW UP and I will watch for yours~

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