Are You Too Fit To Fracture?

My early morning reading, nice and light, lol……….exercise and bone density.

You don’t just wake up one day and experience bone loss or worse, osteoporosis. 

A recent study at the University of Waterloo shows that, and I’m sorry, WALKING ISN’T ENOUGH.

“Exercise is an important step towards protecting your bones, as it helps protect your spine, slows the rate of bone loss, and builds muscle strength, which can prevent falls.”

HEALTHY BONES Exercise routine:

Strength Training ~ Frequency: At least 2 days/week
Balance Exercises ~ Frequency: Every day
Posture Awareness ~ Frequency: Every day
Aerobic Physical Activity ~ Frequency: At least 150 mins/week

These 4 factors please me as they are ALL performed during my outdoor small group classes. 

For healthy bones
the best time to start is TODAY.
No, wait,
the best time to start

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