I love how my 12 year old can now recite the definition of insanity.  “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.  If something works, leave it alone.  If it doesn’t, change it.

You’re looking at someone who can eat the same thing day in day out with little boredom.  This just fits with our sometimes busy days.

I’ve been there folks; coming home with poor planning and having an insatiable craving.  Not always hunger, just craving. My usual quick fix of peanut butter, a big tablespoon full, did the job.  Oh heck another one.  I even went as far as changing to natural peanut butter in justifying the okayness of this.  It’s a sense of uncontrollable out of controlness that most disturbed me.

In the words of T Harv Eker, “what you do in anything you do in everything”.  If not nipped in the butt cravings can and will take over your life and then your health.

Although Day 1 worked so well for me, my schedule is a bit different today.   With being home based I get to enjoy a slightly different lunch.  Some spelt tossed with tuna and kale.  As I do have some errands to do, just in case, there will be almonds and an apple tucked in my bag.  I can proudly say that I would almost never be caught hitting a drive through for a quick form of “food”.  It would be as I mentioned above, when I came home.

So in planning for a successful Day 2 I am staying connected with my vision and health intention of  3 weeks ……”to get ahead plan ahead”.

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