In turning 50 this year there is much wisdom I have gathered.  One of the greatest things is the realization is that God, The Universe is abundant.  There is plenty of goodness to go around for everyone who wants and asks.  One other piece of wisdom is that it’s ok to want.  To want better health, better relationships, better friends and of course better finances.

It happens all the time, all over the world people are asking and getting.  One of the best ways to connect with your “betters” is to get over your E.G.O (Edging God Out/Edging Greatness Out) and ask.  Chances are there is a road map, a path that has been travelled and a willingness of this journey to be shared.

After much resistance, I am joining a friend on a 3Week Health Intention to better my health.  Basically, to connect with the same mindset that took me through 8 years as a competitive Provincial Bodybuilder.   After every competitive season there were always several good lifestyle habits that I carried forward in my everyday life.  Bodybuilding is a sport that not only strengthens the body by simply building muscle but also a sport that strengthens the mind.  Both of which are created out of intention.

After getting on the scale Monday morning and weighing 133 pounds I again wondered what the heck I was doing this for.  Then I realized one reason.  Just the very act of pulling the scale out from under my antique bathtub caused anxiety in me.  The scale was my friend during my competitive years.  As the sport of body building is based upon weight for which class you competed in, I relied heavily on it to help keep me on track.  After that was done, even throughout all my pregnancies, I never had a scale in the house, let alone weigh myself.  No need, my clothes would now indicate to me when I needed to tighten up my diet.  So the fact that there was some anxiety with this relationship was an indicator that I need to be doing this, getting back in touch with the powers of my mind.  Besides, in building my business I pride myself on the fact that I would not ask anyone of my clients or Associates to do something that I didn’t or don’t do.

There are several areas I am curious about over The 3 week Health Intention.  Mindset;  If once the mind is trained in areas of discipline and focus how easy is it to “flick the switch”.   Cleanse my body of a roller coaster ride of sugars and carbs that I always say “Oh I can stop anytime I want”, yet I reach for fuel for my body that doesn’t support it.  Fuel in the form of food that over time could lead me to disease diagnosis. Fuel that could be a factor in inhibiting my on again off again annoyance with achy knees.  The time is now.  Moving my body (exercise) every single day in some way that is benefiting my physical goal which is tighten my core and build my flexibility back to where it was.

In going off to bed I look back on the day and am, as we say, smacking that button; “That was easy”.   What made it a success?

*planned ahead and for what my day was like and prepared and brought healthy food with me
*passed on the bread pudding offered at lunch
*got to the gym 15 ahead of a scheduled appointment in order to do my core and stretching
*visualized what I am aiming for

All that counts in life is intention.         Andrea Bocelli

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