Is the Snooze button the biggest threat to your morning exercise?

The hardest step is the first one on the floor. Get there as soon as your alarm goes off.

The Not Big Anymore, Formerly Fat Guy

English: The face of a black windup alarm clock

Maybe you’re not like me at all.  Maybe you don’t set the alarm for 5:30 knowing you’ll snooze till 5:50 or 6:10 or even later.

It goes without saying that if you snooze-button away a half hour, you (1) deprive yourself of whatever nice deep sleep you’d have gotten in that half hour (2) are eating up a half hour out of BOTH your sleep AND the productive part of your day while you desperately try to pretend it’s not morning.

Let’s do this — make this a SNOOZE BUTTON FREE WEEK. This morning, for only one week, set your alarm to your ideal wake-up time and just get up when it rings, the first time, and go on with your day.  Then evaluate at the end of the week.  I bet we’ll feel much better about how our time is being used and will feel better in general.  Give it…

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