What Where When

Do what you got to do, where and when you’ve got to do it. It’s called being in your element. It’s usually a physical activity that gets you going. Right down to your very core it gets you going. Your body, mind and so deep that your spirit stirs.

My early morning read on the day is for a poke of my head and body out the door. Just like when your doing that first set at the gym, i call it a body scan. What’s the temperature? Wind? Even a quick energy “feel” for the day.

In sharing my newsletter last week i gave gratitude for living in the northern part of the continent, Canada. The beauty of the colors in changing of the leaves and the freshness in the air. One other thing we can be grateful to Mother Nature for is the challenge towards us that is presented. You may have started an exercise regime in the spring and have been moving along quite nicely in it. How are you doing now with shorter day, darkness, rain and pending frigid temperatures? Are you a fair weather person?

Think of all the things you would have or currently would do, IF the conditions were just right.

As I pull out the driveway I have a quick listen to the local weather; windy, foggy. In driving to my element I witness firsthand the darkness, the wind and the low ceiling. I can barely see the top.

In walking up to the starting position I cyclist flies past me. It’s a wooded area with a trail that leads along the bottom. From the darkness of one trail he flies past and vanishes into the core of the woods. Interesting I thought, with only a little light on his helmet to guide him, off he goes.

Yep, I’ve got my light. It’s the comfort and drive within me.

JUST when your all comfy in decisions you may have noticed the challenges that present themselves. Just a little test of your commitment and belief. For me right now it was noises. Thumps and rattles and stirring and shuffling noises amongst my surroundings. What’s that?

For my 25 years now in finding my element I have learned to shut off that crazy fearful part of my brain. Never mind “what ifs”, just get to the task at hand. My internal GPS, my gut, has that same light as the cyclist.

I could have listened to the interpretation of the weather mans forecast and put the van in park. I could have listened to the noises around me stirring and with unreasonable AND unrealistic thoughts, hi-tailed it out of there.  I didn’t!

All, from doing what, where and when.

Now go create a great day

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