Monsters on Halloween

The only monster I met this Halloween was the monster within me.

I spent most of my Halloween evening sitting in a local coffee shop chatting with a man. He was experienced in numerology. It started as a curious and fun conversation into “what number am I” from a small group of us.

The group dispersed and the next thing I knew hours had passed as we were immersed in an insightful and spiritual conversation. We discussed spirituality, health, relationships (both personal and business), family. We discussed coincidences and what I have been known to call S.H.I.T. Regardless of the origin or the “potty mouth-ness” of it, S.H.I.T to me is Synchronicity Happening In Time. You’ve all experienced it and you may have dissed the magic in it. When the right person, the right word or message comes to you at PRECISELY the right time. That’s S.H.I.T.

That’s what this man brought.

Going into every single detail of the awareness would be a challenge for me. The monsters were revealed and have moved on.

We must know that once the face makeup is away, the candy consumed, pumpkins composted that the real monsters are within. We are our own worse enemy. We can also be our own best friend.

Once I realized the time, I thanked him and returned home to relieve my daughter of her candy attending duty as she wanted to speak to “him” as well.

I did return to the coffee shop once more. In thanking him for one of the most valuable commodities that people have today, time, he was quiet for a moment and simply replied with a smile “your welcome. I know who I work for”.

How blessed I am.

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