A Mothers Day Reflection

mothers day

Perhaps my abundant mindset started with days like this when I was a child.  Mothers Day, what is that?

The word ‘intuition’ comes from the Latin word ‘intueri’ which is usually translated as ‘to look inside’ or ‘to contemplate’.   On this Mothers Day I am nudge to this translation.

I simply do not recall thinking, “mom”, I don’t have one of those.  As I have shared with you in some previous posts, my Dad was a single parent for most of my life.  He raised three girls, from the time we were all in diapers.  There was a brief period, window of  time, where there was a parenting partner.

God’s world is oh so balanced.  There are no spaces.  In reflecting on Mothers Day I am drawn to several areas.  One to reflect on the “mother-like” role models that stepped into my life; aunts, nonna, cousins, mentors, coaches, women, moms of my childhood friends.  All of whom left a footprint in my spirit.  My birth mother whom reconnected with me several years ago for closure as her journey was ending.  My step mother whom gave us the very best of life skills.   intuition

Mothers Day also draws me to look at the wake.  You see, I envision myself as a boat coasting along the ocean of life.  Placed in an ocean with a never ending tank of gas.  But, the only tool I have to guide me through motherhood was a compass.  A compass called intuition.  Oprah speaks about intuition  “It’s really more of a feeling than a voice—a whispery sensation that pulsates just beneath the surface of your being. All animals have it. We’re the only creatures that deny and ignore it.”  

It has been said that a blind person, although has lost the sense of vision, gains another sense.  A sense that will carry them through life.  A sense that will build a trust in their world.  A sense that will  build confidence.

The wake……..along with my “mother-like”  contributors, is my children.  They are my my tangible (bank account)  result of following intuition.   I have looked at my children as gifts from God.  They are on loan to us.  They are handed to us in perfection.  Our role is to fill them up, nurture them………

In closing, this Mothers Day I thank my children for taking me into leaving the city of my comfort zone and going into the wilderness of my intuition.  I have discovered something wonderful…….I have discovered myself, trust and my intuition.




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