Death on the road starts………

……. from behind the wheel. 

So you think your choices don’t affect anyone?  Your health is your health, what you choose to do and not do, you think is your business?  Think again!  Yes think again.

I’m not one to “use” a fear factor but this can affect any and everyone when you least expect it.  Considering the incidence of diabetes is on rise at astronomical rates, you run the chance of someone elses health choices impacting your life.

One person’s management or miss management of their health caused the death of 3 innocent people.

Diabetic convicted of dangerous driving causing three deaths

Let’s look at blame for those of you who still don’t want to take responsibility for your health:

Yes you could point a finger at emergency staff and a “sick care” system for not pulling his license when he required treatment by emergency room physicians in 2002, 2004 and 2005.

Then there are the quick drive through locations that offer convenient “stuff”.  I hesitate to call it food.  Food is nutrition; it’s been proven the nutritional value in these sorts of suppliers is minimal.

There are other family members who may have been too scared to speak up.

Workers and co-workers; If you spend 8hours a day with someone you could blame them for not noticing.

REMEMBER: when you point one finger, there are three back at ya. 

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