School Wellness April – Killer Sugar

My “food for thought” to you may be a bit puzzling as to why I would even consider sharing such a thought.

“It’s illegal to give a child cigarettes, it’s illegal to give a child alcohol, but it’s not illegal to give a child white refined sugar or refined fat.  Food kills more people then all drugs on earth COMBINED!” – Hungry for Change.  There are studies now that claim sugar to be as addictive as heroine and cocaine.

Now for the biggie…….sugar is a carcinogen.  Cancer likes sugar.  “A patient is injected with a solution of sugar and mild radioactive isotopes. Cancer cells are attracted to the sugar, so they eat it up. This increased activity lights up under the SPECT scan.”  I heard this news several years ago and I still find it disturbing.  (Read more:  .

I know you’ve been doing really well in the “candy” area and the frequency that your children have access to consuming it.  The bag of sugar you bought months ago and still have it in your pantry may also be a good indicator of your low level of sugar consumption.  You may have even switched your sources of sweetener to Agave, Stevia or even pure maple syrup; all very good action steps.  But considering that with even these limits set and changes made, the rates in childhood diabetes continue to rise. Something’s not right here.

What’s not right is that sugar is everywhere.  It hides under aliases.  There are at least 50 different names of sugar.  No wonder we don’t see it.  OR perhaps you’re not looking for it.  Gosh, who would think there would be sugar in breads, added sugar to milk, yoghurt, salad dressings.  WHY? WHY? WHY? ; because as I stated above, sugar is addictive.  The manufacturing of prepared/processed foods is a business.  The more you consume, the more you want/need it, the more you purchase, the more $$$$$ for the manufacturer.  There is little, I would go as far as saying no, concern for health.  It is a business.

I love this kid friendly video about sugar and the health dangers.  If your a facebook user connect with Sugar Is Killing Us.

Your business is to keep yourself and your family healthy.  Be informed.  Recognize the hidden names and avoid them.

Dr. Louis Aronne, (director of the Comprehensive Weight Control Center at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center) says;  “If people eat starch and sugar in the morning, it’s very difficult to get their behavior in control and they’ll be craving sweets all day,” “So we have people start out their day by eating protein and vegetables in the morning.”

Imagine THAT in a classroom of 25 kids.  Do your child’s teacher a favor, start their day right!  I have many good ideas and recipes on my blog.  Be sure to check often for them.  (

Time to take the family participation outdoors…….get connected with a community planting plot or through research and planning, get ready for planting in your own yard……..More on this in May.

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