A story I would like to share.  Although I read it in “Invisible Miracles” the identity of the original author is unknown.  This may be of particular interest as we proceed through the Triduum; a quiet time of reflection.

“When the circus juggler drops a ball, he lets it bounce, picking it up on the next bounce without losing his rhythm or concentration.  He keeps right on juggling.

Many times we do the same thing.  We lose our job but get another one on the first or second bounce.  We may drop the ball on a sale, on an opportunity to move ahead, or in a business arrangement, and we either pick it up on the rebound or get a new one thrown in to replace what we just dropped.

But there’s a critical difference between us an the circus juggler.  Some of the balls or priorities  we juggle don’t bounce.  The more urgent priorities associated with deadlines and workloads have more elasticity than precious, delicate relationships, which are fragile as fine crystal.

Balance involves distinguishing between the priorities that can bounce from the ones labeled “loved ones” and “health,” which may shatter if we drop them. ”

How many balls do you have going in the air?  Are you, while juggling these balls sitting calmly.  Or are you “figuratively” riding a bike as well, or perhaps while standing on one foot or you may think your talented enough to juggle while running.  As well, who do you allow to throw more balls into your talented rhythm?

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