Did anyone ever die from back pain?

As I hear and read the current news about back pain, steroids, meningitis and death I’m guessing the answer is yes!

My first thought is, back pain……get in shape.  Carrying extra weight puts pressure on the spine.  Period.  Even the extra 10 pounds that I often speak about and how it affects your sleep, hormones, digestion greatly affects the burden your back must bear.   Holy smokes, how much do you think your back can take!   

Your overweight, some commuting for hours, then home to do an evening of even more sitting in front of the tv.

Extra weight puts added pressure on the spine, which can cause pain, says Kevin Cichocki, DC, clinical chiropractor and founder of Palladian Health. “It has long been known that a rise in body weight results in a geometric increase in the pressure on the spine.”

I speak with much confidence and conviction in this matter as I have had my own personal journey with this very issue as I share in Day of Disgust.

Getting your back healthy will cost you in the beginning.  Blame only yourself.  Once your out from behind the proverbial “health 8 ball”, the biggest investment you will need to make will be your time.

My favorite supporters of the back and back health include Dr.Nick Campos and personal trainer Blaise in Fitness.

I’d like you to imagine your your body as you sit and read this.  Now go a layer deeper, your muscles. The long string of fibrous tissue all pink and red.  Are you with me?  If not, google muscles, images, then come back.  Ok so now you have a visual of what that looks like.  You need to now go even deeper into your tissues and way down to a cellular level.  If you have back pain (or any pain for that matter) things are not looking too good there.  Inflammation and very unhappy cells.  Their angry and swollen.  Yes, we need to take care of them as well.  The root of any dis-ease or discomfort is inflammation. 

THIS is where THE highest level of support is needed.  Cut out or at least reduce your consumption of processed foods.  A gentle cleanse will help.  High quality supplements, fish oils and natural anti-inflammatory properties.

Gosh folks, what if the structure of your home, to where you sleep and live was caving in?   You see the value of investing in that.  I’m seeing the biggest issue with most people is that the don’t see the value in themselves to take THE BEST care of their health and their bodies.

Well, that fact that out of 4Billion sperms and YOU made it!
Hows that for value!

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