The Pain Part Of Life & Foam Rolling

Can we, for a moment, talk about pain, pains in your/our life.

We stay in some relationships far too long. They cause us many pains. Pain of disappointment, betrayal, unfairness, unsupportive and loveless.

We stay in jobs far too long. Physical pain is endured of standing on your feet all day. The sacrifice to your health of sitting all day. Perhaps long commutes. Perhaps boring repetitive job that not only numbs your creativity but causes physical strain. Tolerating being with people you don’t like doing things you don’t like, day after day.

We consume foods that aside from weight gain, bring on indigestion, allergies, sleeplessness. Nutrient deficient foods that leave us starving for more energy, sounder sleep, clearer thinking.

Yet, you can’t hold a 5 second, deep tissue, myofascial release on your foam roller?

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