“I don’t get time outs anymore”

We were chatting one day, like moms do, I don't even remember the flow of conversation; kids, moms, health, behaviour, diet, supplements - what and how, discipline. After 4 weeks of her 6 year old son, who was on the spectrum- autism, using BiOmega Junior and Probiotics, we'll just call it a coincidence: *"We haven't … Continue reading “I don’t get time outs anymore”

One Cup Of Sugar

......or a tablespoon of berbere spice. Facebook post, I got tagged, Ethiopian stew, yum, checked all the boxes-meatless, had all the ingredients, except berbere spice, what's that? I'm Italian, I know garlic, basil, oregano- plus a few others. Try here, nope, not here, or there or there. Finally found it, duh, of course at an … Continue reading One Cup Of Sugar