Murder Roll

She called it Murder Roll, one of the first classes I held at De La Sol, “squishy pleasure” she thought.

Pain then “my body stopped screaming”……,,

When I first signed up for Restorative Foam Roll Yoga, I envisioned cuddling with a piece of memory foam. My body was as usual, aching that particular Saturday morning, especially my legs and back from hunched over a computer all week at work. I signed up thinking, an hour spent with a borrowed piece of squishy pleasure was exactly what I needed.

As usual, life delivers exactly what we need, when we need it. Enter Murder Roll.

The class began with Lynda Narducci eloquently sharing her story about how she injured herself and was introduced to Restorative Foam Rolling to repair and heal her body. Having recovered from a serious injury myself that required a life style adjustment, I leaned in to hear more.

32 years ago, I was ran over by an 18-wheeler transport truck while standing at an intersection. Fortunately, I only sustained damage to my left foot, however it was critical. The truck crushed 17 bones and severed 4 toes. The surgeons managed to re-attach the digits, and 5 operations later, I can still walk with orthopedic ugly shoes and most of all, determination. Three years ago was the last surgery, the doctor was impressed that I manage even basic yoga daily. Regardless, my entire musculoskeletal system delivers spurts of painful messages throughout the day, and is especially busy reminding me of that fateful day at 3am.

The first few times I did Restorative Foam Roll Yoga, under Lynda’s skillful guidance, it felt as if I was being tortured, hence why I renamed it “Murder Roll.” With my twisted humour pushing me through pain yet again, I noticed immediately that my body stopped screaming when I would release from the roll. That brief moment of relief motivated me to continue with the sessions and proceed with curiosity, after 30+ years of stumbling through recovery, one learns to fake patience.

Over the years I have attempted various physio treatments, depleted savings with massages, acupuncture, you name it, I’ve done it.

Today, I have come to learn that daily walking, Yoga and now Restorative Foam Rolling are the only things that work for me. Not to mention, obtainable both monetarily and with the busy life schedule.

Restorative Foam Rolling at first is challenging, pressing through and on, it becomes blissful, trust me, this little tube of hard plastic gets the job done. I have a series of knots in my body and this little secret weapon rolls them into a dull roar.

Now I roll every morning for 12 to 15 minutes before yoga.

I am very grateful that Lynda has introduced this simple practice, because now I sleep better, I can move easier, the other day I noticed my facial muscles were even more relaxed after a few minutes of rolling, so I look better.

As I learned in Lynda’s first class, it’s magical how our system is truly whole, we are one big connected tissue.

Thank you Lynda Narducci for introducing me to Murder Roll.

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