Is Sunscreen the New Margarine?

Being in the thick of winter, well not so much winter as I remember in last years filled with frigid temperatures and lots of sun, rather meh temperatures and grey sky. I'm always keeping my radar on the amount of sun and how I feel and my vitamin D consumption. My family dies in March! … Continue reading Is Sunscreen the New Margarine?

My Family Dies In March

We’ve all filled out those questionnaires’. Whether it’s for a creating a healthy lifestyle regime or for a medical history document, we’ve all filled them out. A conversation I recently had was focused around Vitamin D. We were discussing Vitamin D and the roll it could play in their life in getting through our Canadian … Continue reading My Family Dies In March

Good News With Vit D and You

Good morning and HAPPY November. We have been "watching" a three month old Bernese Mountain dog this weekend for an artist friend as she has an exhibit this weekend. In already sending her out for her morning duty I couldn't help notice such a change in comparison to last week. It's calm, peaceful and a … Continue reading Good News With Vit D and You