To stop bullying, start with YOU!

If you have been following me either here or on social media, you may get the gist of the sort of passionate person I am. Of life, beauty, nature, possibility and potential.  Of one the things I am most passionate about is children. In viewing a disturbing video of yet another life gone to bullying … Continue reading To stop bullying, start with YOU!

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Hi gorgeous, how are things going for you right now? Are you where you want to be in life? Does it feel like you are losing touch with things that at one point where your main objective? Does the road to ahppiness seem much longer because God is giving you alot to handle? WELL as the great CHER would say …..SNAP OUT OF IT!

You are the controller of your own destiny, you make the script for your life if you settle for things that are not making you happy, then stop settling and get your Joy back! I know sometimes it feels like the walls are closing in on you and, trust me they have closed in on me too even to this day, but every morning when you wake up ask yourself …is it really that bad? or could it be worse? You could have not taken…

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The answer is blowing in the wind

As I do my regular early morning routine of poking my head outside to check on the day, I notice with great excitement that it is a rather windy morning. Oh good, one of my favorite sort of days. In turning to the weather and Mother nature often, I find inspiration. The wind is one … Continue reading The answer is blowing in the wind

Did anyone ever die from back pain?

As I hear and read the current news about back pain, steroids, meningitis and death I'm guessing the answer is yes! My first thought is, back pain......get in shape.  Carrying extra weight puts pressure on the spine.  Period.  Even the extra 10 pounds that I often speak about and how it affects your sleep, hormones, … Continue reading Did anyone ever die from back pain?