Proprietary Blend CONSUMER BEWARE

I've been around this industry for decades, 3 of them!   Not only my personal experience with them but the experience of our clients with them.  Our library is stocked with books on herbs.  What they are and how they benefit our health.  I have grown to incorporating them more into my everyday diet.  The benefits … Continue reading Proprietary Blend CONSUMER BEWARE

Fat Lady Turned Gym Rat

Yep that was me, fat and out of shape. I didn't become a Provincial Level Bodybuilding Champion overnight.  It was a journey to wellness that got me off my butt, out of the bars and moving like I did in my childhood.  A journey that had the end in mind......pain free back and body. Being … Continue reading Fat Lady Turned Gym Rat

The good in the bad

Mold is a disgusting fungus that grows on damp surfaces. It ruins clothes. It causes breathing problems. It has an unpleasant odor. All in all, it's a highly unappealing thing. Yet without it, there would be no penicillin, an antibiotic that has saved probably millions of lives. There will be people or situations in your … Continue reading The good in the bad

Vanilla-Strawberry Oat Bars

You do it everyday, I am unsure of who "said it" "TO GET AHEAD PLAN AHEAD". People most often plan for their finances; which bills to pay when, depositing in savings or rainy day or retirement accounts. The same skill is required in planning for your health. You most likely have the long term goal. … Continue reading Vanilla-Strawberry Oat Bars

Beyond the studies……cutting

Just as the perfect storm gathered last week within the environment, as well, the perfect storm within my walls was created.  Unlike the likes of Sandy and those just as powerful before her, my storm, I didn't see coming.  I had no idea. Winds, moisture, pressure, temperatures and even the moon, a merging of weather … Continue reading Beyond the studies……cutting

Are you ready for freedom

Now I'm telling you what to do. BUT, yes the but part, from what I hear most folks just want to feel better. It's not necessarily the 10 or more pounds they need to shed. It's the freedom that is gained. Freedom to stay awake in mid afternoon. Freedom to stop taking anti inflammatory, anti … Continue reading Are you ready for freedom

Value + Quality = Price

In Food Grade, Pharmaceutical Grade I introduced you to a standard that is set out there in manufacturing.  I hope your looking at the shelves in the stores and your pantry just a little different. Even though you may not make any changes in anything you do, it is our goal that you AT LEAST … Continue reading Value + Quality = Price